David Giunta serves as CEO of BlackPlum, LLC, a real estate investment firm based in California. David Giunta commands nearly two decades of real estate management and investment advisory experience, which he leverages to the benefit of developers and investors alike. An innovative and committed leader, he has overseen major multi-million dollar investments  across the Western U.S. BlackPlum, LLC manages a portfolio of properties that typically range between $5 and $10 million in value.

Originally from outside of Cleveland, Ohio, David Giunta deeply cherishes his roots and the ways in which his relatively humble beginnings inform his personal and professional success. Raised in a middle-income family, he understands well the importance of hard work. Both his parents were school teachers, but also accomplished incredible feats outside the classroom. His father earned national recognition as an extremely successful high school basketball coach. His mother served as President of City Council, supervising the finance committee of his hometown. Inspired by their work ethic, David Giunta went on to earn his undergraduate education from Ohio University in Accounting and Business Law and graduated Cum Laude.

After he completed his schooling, David Giunta took a CPA position with the largest regional firm in the state before accepting an opportunity to work for an even larger company, the best in the world. He excelled in the audit department, servicing Fortune 500 Companies, before entering financial planning. This shift led to dabbling in many finance-specific endeavors, including tax returns and fee-based financial management. David Giunta eventually started several proprietary hedge funds which were highly lucrative. His career demands a proficiency with numbers, but he also prides himself on his ability to connect on a personal level. With these combined skillsets, he is uniquely effective.

Since moving to the Newport Beach area, David Giunta has transitioned into real estate. He enjoys working with something more tangible, and income-generating real estate is a spectacular investment. The right real estate not only creates income but appreciates in value and is relatively stable.  In many ways, real estate is everything anyone could want in an investment opportunity.

Outside of the office, David Giunta is passionate about his philanthropy work. He is heavily involved with the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County, and he serves on their board of directors. David Giunta personally commits both time and monetary support to bolster the organization’s efforts in the community. They recently designed and are now implementing a learning program which speaks to the hugely rewarding effect that integrating educational settings has for children with special needs. David Giunta is also an active presence in his Church, leading efforts which have included feeding the homeless, raising money, and participating in bible study. David cherishes the opportunity to give back and, as a devout Christian, enjoys being able to help those who need it.

When not working or volunteering, David Giunta also enjoys traveling.  He has a particularly soft spot in his heart for all things Italian as the descendant of immigrants from the country. He adores the food, people, culture, history, and style. The romance of the region is unequaled, and David even spent his ten-year anniversary on the Amalfi Coast. He’s fond of Lake Como, Venice, Rome, and Tuscany. He looks forward to exploring the Iberian Peninsula and, when possible, exploring as far as Australia. The world is beautiful, and David is always excited to discover more of it.